All students receive a free breakfast and a free lunch every day • The 2020 Craft Show is cancelled • The K12 Payment Center App is no longer available on Google Play or App Store. • Nov. 23 & 24 will be remote learning days • Nov. 25-Nov. 27, Thanksgiving Break • Customer Service programs will be closed November 23-November 27

Stores are Open – Please note deadlines and instructions

Apollo Career Center requires all students to be in uniform in lab and academics every day. Apollo students wear uniforms as part of the professionalism component of their career technical program.

All students who were accepted prior to the first day of school are expected to be in uniform by September 14.

Students accepted within the first two weeks of school must be in uniform by October 1st.

Failure of a student to report to school in proper uniform will result in disciplinary action or the student will be sent home.

Orders placed through out school year:

Uniform Orders placed 1st-15th of month – delivered to school by 30th

Uniform Orders placed 16th-30th of month – delivered to school by 15th of next month

All Sales are Final – no refunds or exchanges

Prior to ordering, please use the sizing charts provided with each online item.

*Please note that there are no exchanges or refunds on uniforms.

**If you do not have a debit or credit card, and are unable to order on-line, you can pay for the uniforms – cash only- at Apollo Career Center. We cannot accept checks for these items. Monday -Thursday 8 am – 3 pm and Friday 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.

*** If you are ordering from your mobile and cannot complete the transaction, we encourage you to use a desktop.

Click on the program name to view the required uniform.