Applications are being accepted for all high school programs for the 20-21 school year. Apply now! Summer Hours for the high school office: Monday- Thursday 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Fridays 8 a.m.-11 a.m. Emails and phone numbers are located on the staff directory page. Crafters - booth space available. Please mail in your registration forms! Calling all Crafters - Fill out your registration forms and get return them soon! Limited space available! Click here Yearbooks are in.
Attendance Line,
Please call by 8 a.m.
PH: 419.998.2900 | 800.992.2913PH: 419.998.2900 | 800.992.2913
Askins, Katie
Teaching Assistant
PH: 419.998.2941 PH: 419.998.2941
Barton, Joan
Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant
PH: 419.998.2911 PH: 419.998.2911
Benda, Jody
Sports Fitness & Exercise Science Instructor
PH: 419.998.2927 PH: 419.998.2927
Blymyer, Carla
Teaching Assistant
PH: 419.998.2944PH: 419.998.2944
Bowersock, Jim
Teaching Assistant
PH: 419.998.2949 PH: 419.998.2949
Bowsher, Cindy
Cosmetology I Instructor
PH: 419.998.2940PH: 419.998.2940
Brachok, Jennifer
Family & Consumer Science (Bath Satellite)
Brown, Linda
PH: 567.940.4731PH: 567.940.4731
Brown, Steve
Teaching Assistant - Assessment Center
PH: 419.998.3812PH: 419.998.3812
Buell, Jamie
Instructional Supervisor
PH: 419.998.2920 PH: 419.998.2920
Cadle, Kim
Treasurer’s Assistant/Cashier/Accounts Receivables
PH: 419.998.2919 PH: 419.998.2919
Carver, Angela
Math Instructor
PH: 567.940.4719 PH: 567.940.4719
Caudill, Shelly
Cafeteria Manager
PH: 419.998.2944 PH: 419.998.2944
Clifford, Kelly
Intervention Specialist
PH: 567.940.4100 PH: 567.940.4100
Clymer, Brian
CBI Instructor
PH: 419.998.2931 PH: 419.998.2931
Conner, Megan
Health Science Instructor
PH: 567.940.3814 PH: 567.940.3814
Conner, Steve
Welding Instructor
PH: 567.940.3818PH: 567.940.3818
Cook, Barb
School Nurse
PH: 419.998.2904 PH: 419.998.2904
Cox-Eley, Mallory
Student Services Administrative Assistant
PH: 419.998.2921 PH: 419.998.2921
Daley, Martin
Teaching Assistant
PH: 567.940.3818 PH: 567.940.3818
Dicke, Mike
Automated Manufacturing Technology
PH: 567.940.3800 PH: 567.940.3800
Dickey, Hanna
Math Instructor
PH: 567.940.4720 PH: 567.940.4720
Diglia, Mike
Print & Graphics Instructor
PH: 419.998.2937 PH: 419.998.2937
Diglia, Sheryl
Health Science Instructor
PH: 567.940.3850PH: 567.940.3850
DuBois, Mike
Math/Science Instructor
PH: 419.998.2953 PH: 419.998.2953
Dukes-Norton, Dana
District Communications Manager
PH: 419.998.2947 PH: 419.998.2947
Erb, Todd
In-School Suspension
PH: 419.998.2933 PH: 419.998.2933
Fisher, Gideon
Multimedia Instructor
PH: 567.940.3847PH: 567.940.3847
Fromm, Jason
Maintenance Assistant
Grimm, Darin
Computer Information Support Instructor
PH: 419.998.2906 PH: 419.998.2906
Gronas, Tevyn
Teaching Assistant/Tutor
PH: 419.998.3812PH: 419.998.3812
Gronas, Vanessa
Family & Consumer Science (Shawnee Satellite)
Haller, Tim
Teaching Assistant
PH: 567.940.3880 PH: 567.940.3880
Hedges, Will
Construction Equipment Technology
PH: 567.940.3884 PH: 567.940.3884
Hemmelgarn, Stephanie
Math Instructor
PH: 567.940.4734 PH: 567.940.4734
Herbst, Jay
Social Studies Instructor
PH: 567.940.4707PH: 567.940.4707
Hesseling, Irene
Teaching Assistant
PH: 419.998.2942 PH: 419.998.2942
Holbrook, Sherli
Math Instructor
PH: 567.940.4710PH: 567.940.4710
Holly, Tim
Science Instructor
PH: 419.998.2943 PH: 419.998.2943
Horner, Keith
PH: 419.998.2910 PH: 419.998.2910
Howbert, Charlotte
High School Administrative Assistant
PH: 419.998.2973 PH: 419.998.2973
Jamison, Sarah
Teaching Assistant
PH: 567.940.3882PH: 567.940.3882
Johnson, Bruce
Instructional Supervisor
PH: 419.998.2991 PH: 419.998.2991
Kantner, Ross
Special Ed Coordinator/Career Assessment
PH: 419.998.2983PH: 419.998.2983
Keller, Michele
Receiving Administrative Assistant
PH: 419.998.2974 PH: 419.998.2974
Kentner, Matt
Technology Specialist
PH: 419.998.2955PH: 419.998.2955
Kinzer, Matt
Technology Specialist
PH: 567.940.3918PH: 567.940.3918
Knutzen, Colette
Intervention Specialist
PH: 567.940.3810 PH: 567.940.3810
Krites, Darla
Integrated English Instructor
PH: 567.940.4713PH: 567.940.4713
Lambert, Dawn
High School Administrative Assistant
PH: 419.998.2917 PH: 419.998.2917
Larimore, Keisha
Family & Consumer Science (Elida Satellite)
Lowden, Marnie
Career Exploration Instructor
PH: 567.940.3910PH: 567.940.3910
Magoteaux, Michele
Social Studies Instructor
PH: 419-998-2903PH: 419-998-2903
Maier, Sheryl
High School Administrative Assistant
PH: 419.998.2946PH: 419.998.2946
Malone, Diana
Administrative and Medical Office Technology Instructor
PH: 419.998.2928 PH: 419.998.2928
Mathews, Roger
Teaching Assistant
PH: 567.940.3834 PH: 567.940.3834
McKivison, Deb
Treasurer’s Assistant/Accounts Payable
PH: 419.998.2914 PH: 419.998.2914
Michel, Nick
Facilities Manager
PH: 419.998.2907PH: 419.998.2907
Morris, Courtnee
Early Childhood Education Instructor
PH: 419.998.2905 PH: 419.998.2905
Nagel, Lynne
Cosmetology II Instructor
PH: 567.940.3892PH: 567.940.3892
Nagel, Lucas
Electrical Systems Technology
PH: 567.940.3861PH: 567.940.3861
FAX: 419.998.2929
Nickles, Jim
Carpentry Instructor
PH: 419.998.2941 PH: 419.998.2941
Overholt, Allison
Communications Assistant
PH: 419.998.2957 PH: 419.998.2957
Piehl, Sandi
Assistant Treasurer/Payroll
PH: 419.998.2913 PH: 419.998.2913
Pitts, Julie
Family and Consumer Science (Perry Satellite)
Pohlman, Dennis
Agriculture (Elida Satellite)
Pollock, Alan
Computer Assisted Design
PH: 419.998.2935 PH: 419.998.2935
Preston, Mark
Maintenance Associate
PH: 419.998.2907 PH: 419.998.2907
Prichard, Patrick
Career Based Intervention (Bluffton Satellite)
Prince, Carrie
Culinary Arts Instructor/Garden Cafe
PH: 419.998.2945 PH: 419.998.2945
Pyles, Crystal
Mental Health Coordinator
PH: 419-998-2920PH: 419-998-2920
Rambin, Keith
Industrial Technology (Wapak Satellite)
Rellinger, Maria
PH: 419.998.2912 PH: 419.998.2912
Riley, Lori
Teaching Assistant
PH: 419.998.2944 PH: 419.998.2944
Roll, Melissa
Social Studies Instructor
PH: 567.940.4717 PH: 567.940.4717
Roof, Brittany
Treasurer’s Assistant/District Office Administrative Assistant
PH: 419.998.2923 PH: 419.998.2923
Sammetinger, Nick
Instructional Supervisor
PH: 567.940.4724PH: 567.940.4724
Sanders, Jessica
Phlebotomy Instructor
PH: 419.998.2930PH: 419.998.2930
Schroyer, Dick
Technology Manager
PH: 419.998.2932 PH: 419.998.2932
Sheipline, Tasha
High School Principal
PH: 419.998.2909PH: 419.998.2909
Shellenbarger, Jeremy
School Resource Officer
PH: 567-940-3923PH: 567-940-3923
Slechter, Sherri
CA Teaching Assistant
PH: 419.998.2945 PH: 419.998.2945
Smith, Chris
Technology Specialist
PH: 419.998.2924 PH: 419.998.2924
Smith, Yvonne
Social Studies Instructor
PH: 567.940.4730 PH: 567.940.4730
Solomon, Kristie
High School Counselor
PH: 419.998.2902 PH: 419.998.2902
Sperling, Diana
English Instructor
PH: 567.940.4641 PH: 567.940.4641
Stein, Carolyn
Science Instructor
PH: 567.940.4714 PH: 567.940.4714
Stennett, Diane
Teaching Assistant
PH: 419.998.2967PH: 419.998.2967
Stuttler, Natalie
Science Instructor
PH: 567.940.4726 PH: 567.940.4726
Swanger, Jennifer
PH: 419.998.2918PH: 419.998.2918
Sweigart, Mark
Automotive Collision Technology Instructor
PH: 419.998.2951 PH: 419.998.2951
Taylor, Leigh
Project SEARCH Instructor
PH: 419-226-9724PH: 419-226-9724
Taylor, Ryan
Construction Trades (Shawnee Satellite)
Tooley, Jacob
English Instructor
PH: 567.940.4729 PH: 567.940.4729
Vetters, Nicole
Teaching Assistant
Warnement, Joe
Floral Design/Interiors Instructor
PH: 419.998.2934 PH: 419.998.2934
Washam, Chris
Construction Equipment Technology Instructor
PH: 567.940.3883PH: 567.940.3883
Webster, Brooke
Intervention Specialist
PH: 567.940.3930PH: 567.940.3930
Wells, Randy
Welding Instructor
PH: 567.940.3880PH: 567.940.3880
Wheeler, Gary
PH: 419.998.2907 PH: 419.998.2907
Wheeler, John
Maintenance Associate
PH: 419.998.2907 PH: 419.998.2907
Wheeler, Tammy
PH: 419.998.2907 PH: 419.998.2907
Whyman, Lila
Media Specialist
PH: 567.940.3829PH: 567.940.3829
Wise, Rod
Building and Renovations Instructor
PH: 419.998.2942 PH: 419.998.2942
Yingling, Brock
Firefighting Technology Instructor
PH: 567.940.3912PH: 567.940.3912
Zumberger, Greg
School Counselor
PH: 419.998.2915 PH: 419.998.2915