Project Search Partners • Apollo Career Center
We are offering Drivers Education Training - Details under General Information • HIGH SCHOOL/MAIN OFFICE HOURS ARE MONDAY- FRIDAY 8 AM - 3 PM

Project SEARCH is provided through Apollo Career Center. As a licensed Project Search site, it employs the instructor and assists with building the program as well as serves on the programs steering committee. Apollo funds a good portion of the program. Every student who is accepted into the program will have a change of placement listed on their IEP as Apollo Career Center. The Apollo Project SEARCH program limits the amount of interns to 12 for the host site. All programs must have a host site where they have the availablity to offer complex and systematic internships for hands on learning for the interns. For the Apollo Project SEARCH program, the interns receive uniforms, lunch and a unique learning environment. They provide a classroom, internships, and mentors for the interns. 

Every student who is accepted into the Project SEARCH program must have an open account with OOD. If they do not, an application is availble by clicking here. Please add ‘Project SEARCH’ to the application after your first name. OOD is one of the major funders of the program. They use federal dollars to fund the skills trainers time, job developers time and any extra items that are used for job readiness. The program is monitored by OOD through report writing by the skills trainers on a daily basis and are invited to the intern meetings during the program.

In order to operate a program smoothly and effectively per the license agreement, interns are set up with a skills trainer that reports on growth, behaviors and progress to OOD. They also assist the interns team by setting goals to for each intern to manage a high success rate of employment.

Marimor Industries, Inc., Employment Services Department provides skilled Employment Services Vocational Specialists (Skills Trainers) for the program. The ratio of interns to skills trainers is 4:1. This allows the skills trainer to focus on their interns during the day.