Company Name:
Company Address:
708 Blair Mill Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Job Address:
412 Lake A
Willow Grove, Ohio 43604
Date Job is Available:
October 11th, 2023
Deadline for Application:
December 20th, 2023
Job Description:
  • Plans, coordinates, and assigns daily work for the crew after receiving/interpreting orders from a General Foreperson/Line Clearance Supervisor.
  • Conduct field training/retraining, instructing crew on new or revised job units.
  • Promotes and upholds a culture of safety, applying sound judgment, adhering to company policies, and complying with OSHA specifications to ensure safe work practices.
  • Conducts safety training in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Discusses with property owner/customer(s) issues such as obtaining access, power interruption, work to be done, and responsibility for apparent property damage; refers controversial cases to the General Foreperson.
  • Obtains oral or written permission from property owners to perform required work.
  • Promotes and maintains good customer and public relations through the effective completion of assigned work and the appropriate behavior of employees on the crew.
  • May be delegated the authority to investigate incident reports, damage claims, etc., and to settle minor damage claims.
  • Maintains accurate records, timesheets, and reports related to the performance of the crew operation.
  • Controls crew costs, including effective use of people power, work methods, operation of equipment, etc.
  • Furnishes General Foreperson and utility representative with reports of orders completed, units of work completed, crew time, minor damage repairs and distribution, etc.
  • Periodically furnishes reports on incidents, truck breakdowns, private property damage, new employee follow–up, etc.
  • Cooperates with customers, police, and fire departments when blocking streets or driveways.
  • Effectively establish physical safeguards such as barriers, warning signs, flags, markers, and more to protect employees and the public from potential hazards. In emergency situations, make swift and informed decisions to mitigate risks to both life and property.
  • Inspects and makes or provides necessary repairs to tools, trucks, and other equipment.
  • Maintains good housekeeping on the truck and at work location.
  • Responsible for DOT maintenance and inspection requirements on all required vehicles.
  • Keeps informed regarding new equipment, specifications, standard practices, operating procedures, and customer and company employee relations policies and practices, including EEO and AA policies. Requests repair or replacement, when necessary.
  • Requires the understanding of drawings and symbols representing lines, voltages, line equipment, etc.
  • Must have excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Must have organizational skills and be able to multi-task.
  • Must be capable of adjusting to field requirements and taking independent action without close supervision.
  • Must be able to safely drive an approved company vehicle.
  • Must be able to work with hands above head for extended periods of time.
  • Due to the capacity of existing equipment, the weight of the employee should not exceed approximately 300 pounds.
  • Must have no fear of heights.
  • Must have transportation to and from the show-up location.