Available Internships • Apollo Career Center
We are offering Drivers Education Training - Details under General Information • HIGH SCHOOL/MAIN OFFICE HOURS ARE 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am – 11:00 am on Friday.

Patient Transport – Customer service, navigation, safety, direct patient contact, transfer, discharge patients, social and verbal communication, time management

Distribution – Navigation, stocking, clean equipment, filling orders, reading lists, delivering equipment, customer service skills, reading and comparing numbers, time management

Linens – Sort, stack, hang up scrubs, enter in counts in the computer, deliver linens to the entire hospital; time management

EVS (Housekeeping) – Janitorial, customer service, wipe, mop, clean, stock, clean toilets and sinks, greet patients, direct patient contact, navigation, and time management skills, navigational skills

EVS Coordinator –Computer data entry, customer service, navigational skills, organize, answer phone calls, make phone calls to housekeepers, watch room charts on monitor, writing and following directions

EVS/Blaze – Independently use the Blaze sanitizing machine in unoccupied rooms, read a list of rooms, navigation, reading instructions, following directions exactly

Dietary/Food Prep – Knife skills, preparing items, measuring, portion controls, setting up area and understanding cross contamination. Serving items in the main café, stocking low items on salad bar

Dietary/Ambassador – Direct customer care, room to room ordering of patient’s food, delivering food and set up of trays. Understanding nutrition, reading charts and understanding time management

Dietary/Tray Line – Reading/interpreting orders from patients, preparing items, measuring, portion controls, setting up area and understanding cross contamination in a timely manner.

Dietary/ Dish Room-Inventory – Dishwasher, loading of dishwasher, unloading of dishwasher, unloading of tray carts from patients’ rooms, sorting, stacking, navigation, reading.

Grounds/Maintenance – Mulching, weed whip use, cleaning equipment, landscaping, weed control, trash pick-up, transplant flowers, plant flowers/shrubs/trees, lawn mowing, leaf blower and fountain cleaning, navigating.

Mom and Baby – Female internship only, checking on patient’s needs, stock supply cabinets, get mail for department, prepare new mom and baby packets, prepare new food packets, run errands throughout the hospital, answer phones, watch security cameras and let patrons into secured area.

Fitness Center – cleaning equipment, customer service, light data entry, organizing files, direct client contact, reaching, bending and standing and learning to use the equipment.

Gift Shop –Customer service, cash register (money skills), creating displays, inventory, prices changes, rearrange displays and delivering items to patients upon request. *May not always be available*

Communications Preparing communication items around the hospital for use, repairing items in rooms, replacing TVs around the hospital and various other tasks. Navigating, climbing ladders, using hand power tools, and lifting items over 25 pounds.

Emergency Department – Preparing blood kits, stocking rooms with linens and items for patient and medical staff needs.

Water Maintenance Attendant – Flush water systems in areas to prevent legionnaires in the pipes, collecting data and checking off work completed. Navigating around the hospital.

Starbucks Customer service skills, learning to create drinks, organizing, stocking and cleaning.

Patient Pharmacy – Pulling expired items, cleaning medical trays, organzing stock and working with the pharmacists.

Outpatient Therapy – Organizing, stocking, collecting data, organizing toys, cleaning toys and rooms, assist the specialists and therapists.

Women’s Wellness – Assist with greeting the patients, stock exams rooms, clean and prepare for the next patient. Directing patients to their exam rooms.

New Visions Lab – *Computer access will be given* scanning, filling, data entry, organizing online files, and light cleaning, and any other work as assigned.

We are always looking for and adding new internships, updating, and adding onto the current internship sites. There are times when an internship may not be available due to circumstances out of our control.