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The Perfect Omelette


2 eggs
1 TBSP water
salt ¼ tsp
pepper dash


Whisk eggs, water, salt and pepper in a bowl.
Heat 6 inch omelette pan (or heavy bottomed, non stick sauté pan), add 2 TBSP butter. Add egg mixture and let cook 30-40 seconds. Using a rubber scraper, pull the cooked edges towards the center, and let the uncooked egg slide into its place on the bottom. When there is no more runny egg remaining, just a little custardy top, remove from heat. With a rubber scraper, flip one side over the middle of itself as you tip the pan back up and slip the omelette onto a plate.
The nice thing about making an omelette is that even if it does not turn out right, it will still taste good!

Western Omelette (often called Denver omelette)
Add diced ham, green peeper, onion and cheese.

Flavored Omelettes
A flavoring is added to the beaten eggs before they are cooked. Flavorings can include herbs, meats, potatoes and cream.

Filled Omelettes
These are the most well known. A filling is spread on the eggs that have been partially cooked, then folded and served.

Garnished Omelettes
These are filled omelettes with a twist. A garnish is usually placed on top of the omelette or tucked into the fold. A ribbon of sauce can surround them and sometimes a slit will be cut into the omelette and some of the sauce spooned into it.

Flat Omelettes
Similar to Italy’s frittata and Spain’s tortilla, these omelettes are cooked for a longer time and turned over in the pan halfway through the cooking process. They are not folded.

Open-face Omelettes
The eggs are mixed with the fillings before adding them to the pan. No folding or flipping over is required. They are sometimes finished briefly under the broiler.