Plan B Scheduling • Apollo Career Center
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Students will attend academic classes online and report to campus for career technical classes.

Student Expectations:

Students should maintain school as a primary priority

Initiate and own learning 

Participate and engage in all learning activities

Track personal progress weekly

Asks for help when necessary

Expectations for remote learning will be the same as defined in the full remote learning plan

Outline of Plan:

Teachers will host live interactive classes that follow their original master schedule.  For example, if a student attends English class first period they will be expected to be online to receive instruction at that time.

Students are expected to attend all online meetings at their scheduled time.  Failure to do so will result in the student being considered as truant.

All student absences will follow the adopted attendance policy in the student handbook.

Classroom expectations for participation and behavior will be the same as if the student were attending an in-person class.  

Assignment due dates and grading will follow the policies adopted in the student handbook.

Remote learning will take place through the Schoology platform.

The student and parent or guardian are responsible to have appropriate Internet connectivity to actively participate and attend your scheduled class.

Failure to have appropriate Internet access is not an excuse for a failure to attend or to turn in course work on time. 

Student must report to the Apollo campus to attend career technical classes.  Transportation to and from Apollo is the responsibility of the student and parent.

Students and parents must complete a remote learning agreement prior to enrolling in remote learning.