Tool & Die Maker

Company Name:
Progressive Stamping, Inc.
Company Address:
200 Progressive Drive
PO Box 549
Ottoville, OH 45876
Date Job is Available:
April 17th, 2024
Deadline for Application:
May 25th, 2024
Job Description:
  • Builds and/or repairs tooling and dies from part prints, math data, sketches, reference parts, or instructions.
  • Operates tool room equipment, hand tools, machinery in a safe, effective manner at all times during the build and/or repair process.
  • Follows processes for maintaining tool room tooling, equipment quality and efficiency, safety and preventative maintenance programs.
  • Diagnoses and trouble-shoots dies on the bench and make all necessary corrections.
  • Works from Tool Corrective Order (T.C.O.) program reports and last piece references to make corrections as required to produce or acceptable quality product.
  • Supports tryout and make ready to run production after corrections to tools and dies.
  • Supports tool room operations by servicing die sets, trouble shoot dies and make corrections, when possible, with die in the press. Uses Statistical Process Control (SPC), gage checks, quality control or equivalent data to determine dimensional integrity for tooling and/or die adjustments and submit document results to appropriate personnel.
  • Has the authority to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformity’s relating to product, process and quality system, submit documented results to Area Manager.
  • Has the authority to support and assist tool and die apprentices in day-to-day activities.
  • Supports internal cost savings in the areas of metal savings, process improvements, and overall cost reduction.
  • Practices good housekeeping requirements throughout this facility.
  • Assists in establishing automation techniques for presses, i.e., press heights, die tips, die protection, system lifter, loading aids, etc.
  • Updates and maintains engineering and tool room records, as required.
  • Revises other documents, special reports, purchase requisitions.
  • Assists in maintaining document control.
  • Assists in creating spreadsheets, graphs, etc. to represent data.
  • Treats all other team members with respect and dignity.
  • Performs other essential functions as assigned.
  1. High School Diploma or GED.
  2. Journey “persons” card is preferred.
  3. Meet minimum qualifications as contained in the PSI selection process.
How to Apply
Contact Name: Rachel Wannemacher