Electrical Tech Student

Company Name:
Nidec Minster
Company Address:
240 W Fifth St
Minster, OH 45865
Date Job is Available:
April 11th, 2023
Deadline for Application:
May 31st, 2023
Job Description:

Electrical Technician

The Electrical Technician is a safety conscious individual who assembles, installs, tests and maintains electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, apparatus and fixtures using hand tools and power tools. Individual will be responsible for assembling, debugging, and repairing production equipment control systems including Allen-Bradley PLC and Panelview systems, AC/DC drives, load cells, power distribution, and other machine control components.  Diagnose malfunctioning systems and components utilizing test equipment and hand tools to locate the cause of the problem. Inspects electrical equipment to identify hazards, defects and the need for adjustment or repair.  Ensures compliance with all electrical codes. These skills require in-depth knowledge of industrial electricity, electronics, PLCs and related equipment.  An understanding of the mechanical operation of Minster's equipment is required for this position. The Electrical Technician will perform all functions associated with the Machine Tool Builder classification as directed.


  1. Perform electrical and electronics work as required on machinery and ancillary equipment
  2. Capable and willing to start up and troubleshoot a variety of machines and ancillary equipment, with power on. This will require knowledge and skills in:
    1. Hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical/electronics, and mechanics
    2. Mechanical press check-out
    3. Electrical press check-out
    4. Installation and troubleshooting software
  3. Properly route electrical wiring on equipment after identifying the proper routing
  4. Interface with engineering, vendors, sales and customers, as needed.
  5. Provide on-the-the job training and/or coaching to Machine Tool Builders, Remanufacturing Technicians or Apprentices
  6. The ability and willingness to assist in all assembly functions such as stacking, setting of slides, installation of clutches, and drives, installing and starting electronic controls packages, etc.
  7. Occasional international and domestic travel to commission new equipment
  8. Be actively involved in any company sponsored improvement activity
  9. Interface with customers during customer check out of presses and ancillary equipment
  10. Discuss and resolve production problems with Controls Team
  11. Recommend changes to new system design and integration
  12. Adjust, calibrate, and replace components used in production and plant equipment as needed
  13. The Electrical Technician will perform all functions associated with the Machine Tool Builder
  1. Extensive knowledge of industrial electrical/electronic controls, trouble shooting and installation techniques
  2. Experience with industrial controls utilizing PLC based controls, VFD drives, HMI's, Ether-net, etc.
  3. Knowledge of machinery used in an industrial environment including hydraulics, pneumatic and mechanical systems
  4. Capable of analyzing Allen-Bradley PLC programs needed for system debug and operation
  5. Follow electrical documentation for system debug
How to Apply
Contact Name: Abby Hausfeld
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 419-733-2526