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No Phone Zone

CELL PHONE POLICY 2021-22:  Apollo Career Center is a no phone zone during the school day except during a student’s lunch period.  Cell phones must be turned off and placed in the student’s locker during classes.  At lunch time the student may retrieve their phone and use it during lunch, but must turn the phone off and return it to their locker for afternoon classes.  If a student is caught with a cell phone, they must turn it over to the instructor immediately.  Refusal to do this could result in further disciplinary action.

Guideline penalties for having cell phone:

First Offense:  Student pick up cell phone after school

Second Offense:  Student turns in cell phone or device to the office for five consecutive days.

Third Offense:  Parent/Guardian must pick up the cell phone or device from the office.  Student is issued an after school detention.

Fourth Offense:  Three day In School Suspension

Fifth Offense:  Three day Out-of-School Suspension