We are offering Drivers Education Training - Details under General Information • HIGH SCHOOL HOURS ARE MONDAY- Friday, 8:00 am - 3 p.m.

Seniors and Parents,

There is so much information that you and your student need to know about these last months of school. We have added events and information below and will continue to update this page, so you know what is happening and when, so you are able to plan accordingly.  *Please note, there are requirements that seniors must do in order to participate in Senior Honors Night (Graduation).

Senior Honors Night Information:

Who: All Seniors that have successfully completed the requirements for graduation and completed their programs at Apollo Career Center.

What: Senior Honors Night (Apollo’s version of graduation)

When: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 6:00 pm

Where: Elida Fieldhouse (301-325 Hillcrest Dr, Elida, OH 45807)

What to Wear: Home School Cap and Gown with school appropriate attire underneath

Seating: Guests must have tickets (6 given at practice per student). Students will be lined up alphabetically by program. You must stay in that order.

* Requirements:
RSVP you plan to participate
Have all unpaid balances paid (lunch, books, calculators, etc.)
Attend Practice

When do I stop attending Apollo Career Center?

Answer: Whichever happens first: Official graduation at your home school or Senior Honors Night. No exceptions. Your official last day at Apollo is May 24, 2023 except for those who graduated before that date.

Last month of Senior Year:

April … Senior Breakfast and Meeting
May 3, 2023 National Technical Honor Society Ceremony – 7:00 pm (invite only)
May 6, 2023 Apollo Prom – 8:00 – 11:00 pm
May 9, 2023 Ohio Means Jobs Career Fair
May 10, 2023 Signing Day – Time Slots
May 11, 2023 Student Awards Luncheon – 10:30 am (Invite Only)
May 11, 2023 Relay for Life – All Day
May 24, 2023 Senior Honors Night Practice – 12:00 pm @ Elida Fieldhouse (Required to walk)
May 24, 2023 Senior Honors Night
Students Report at 5:15 pm at Elida Fieldhouse
Doors open at 5:15 pm (guests must have tickets)
Event starts at 6:00 pm
Fall 2023 Student Follow-ups (You will receive a call or email from your instructor)