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Students and Families,

We appreciate all your support as we try to stay in compliance with the ever-changing situation with COVID.  I want to notify you of a few recent updates to both the health department’s policy and ours here at Apollo Career Center.

We will no longer send out emails to all parents when there is a COVID case in the school.  Information on the daily reported cases of COVID positive staff or students can be found on our website at  Please note that these numbers do include both high school and adult education reported cases.  If your child is considered a close contact of an individual who has contracted COVID, we will continue to provide them with direct notification by letter.  All attempts will be made to give them this notification during school so that they can bring it home to you.

A close contact is identified as an individual who has been within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more, or an individual who tests positive for COVID. Students who wear masks or are vaccinated are not considered close contacts.   Once we have notified your child that they are considered a close contact, we will forward their names and contact information to the health department. The health department will send a text message to you offering the ability to participate in a daily symptom survey.  This is entirely from the health department, not through Apollo Career Center.  The text monitoring is optional and completely voluntary.

Students should continue to come to school unless they are symptomatic. If your child takes a COVID test at any time and is pending results, please remember to get us documentation so that the absence can be excused.   Students who do test positive for COVID will be issued a quarantine order from the health department and may not attend school until the date that they are permitted to return.  Health departments are exceptionally busy during this time, and we encourage parents to submit documentation to us regarding their child, whenever possible to ensure that absences are properly excused.

Thank You,


Tasha Sheipline, High School Principal


Positive Covid Cases

Date of Positive Covid Cases Number of Cases

11/02/2021 1
11/01/2021 5
10/19/2021 2
10/18/2021 7
10/05/2021 5
10/04/2021 7
09/29/2021 2
09/27/2021 7
09/024/2021 2
09/20/2021 2
09/10/2021 2
09/09/2021 2
09/08/2021 2
09/07/2021 9
09/01/2021 2
08/31/2021 3